Mike and I both love Bagasbas beach in Camarines Norte for its simplicity and laid back vibe.  This is a place where you find a lot of locals enjoying nature’s gift to their vicinity and where you find dogs walking on its shorelines late in the afternoon.


The beach is like a vast floor mirror that reflects the sky. Its sand is dark in color but fine in texture. It recedes slowly too and you don’t have to worry about stepping on stones when you head to its waters. Its waves that surfers love add to the excitement of our swimming sessions.  (As the wave approaches, face the shore, then jump!)

We stayed at the Bagasbasbas Lighthouse Beach Resort. It is one of the popular places to stay in Bagasbas and we got a deluxe room for P2750/night. It was a fun and decent stay and room service was available.

This was Lara’s first time to step on sand and it seemed scared at first. But once she realized that the sand won’t harm her, we had a hard time getting her off the beach.

Here are some photos to document our fun time together.

It was a loooooong drive from Manila but it was worth it. We’ll definitely come back and visit nearby waterfalls and rivers next time.