It was my birthday and we decided to hit the road and go to Baguio for a couple of days. It was a much-needed break for Mike and me. And after four hours of smooth road travel, we arrived at the City of Pines.

We wanted to go kinda mainstream for our Baguio trip this time. So we traversed the scenic Kennon Road, stopped by the Lions Head and ate some delectable strawberry taho sold there. And even if strawberry taho is available all over Baguio, for me, the ones sold at this popular stop taste better.


Since it is the City of Pines, we wanted to stay at a place where pine trees are still abundant. Translation: Camp John Hay. I initially planed to stay at The Forest Lodge since I found online that it has nice room and it’s affordable for its hotel type. We tried going around to look for options but still, we ended up with Forest Lodge. We got a room with balcony for P4,500/night but it could have been cheaper if I booked it online at least a day before. (They’re strict with online and walk-in rates). But nevertheless, we loved our room! It’s roomy! 🙂

So we slept the whole afternoon. As I said, it was a much needed break. We were so lazy and just had room service. But since room service comes from a kitchen managed by the great Chef Billy King, sobrang sarap ng food! The cheesecake pictured here may look ordinary but it actually brings a party to your tastebuds once you eat it! I had to order another slice again because I ate it all and I forgot to take a pic. (Nice excuse huh?)

So it’s dinner time and friends tipped us that there’s an amazing Korean Restaurant called Pearl located in front of the Paladin Hotel in Baguio. They raved about it in superlatives. The restaurant sign wasn’t so clear but the number of people eating in this canteen-like restaurant told us that we have arrived at our destination.

And the hype is real! Ang saraaaap! Since Pearl is a meat shop, the meat they served and grilled were fresh and tasty. A serving of meat starts at P250.00 and side dishes were unlimited. Diners were mostly locals and Koreans.

Eating’s done and it’s time to have a drink. We went to Baguio Craft Brewery to try the locally crafted beers. There were a lot of options so we decided try the variety. It was a nice experience as sat at the counter with a view of Baguio at night.

We only had a couple of days so as much as we wanted to try all mainstream Baguio activities such as the Swan ride at Burnham Park and horseback riding, we opted to go to Minesview Park instead.

We had a photo with a St. Bernard dog. They would use your phone camera and each photo layout costs 50 pesos. Let me remind you that if the dog faces the camera, that’s considered as one photo, if the dog is positioned sideways, that’s considered as another photo. And IF THE DOG IS WEARING SHADES, THAT’S ANOTHER PHOTO! So this bunch cost us P200.00. It must be quite expensive to feed this dog. 🙂

Still in Minesview, you could rent a native’s costume and take your own photo. Costume rental is at P20.00 but there’s no charge if you ask the attendant to take a snapshot or two.


So that’s the end of our quick Baguio trip. It was a relaxing and fun/ny trip! 🙂