What’s your flan is actually the name of this FB seller who sells leche flan of different flavors. And I would like to report that it had a really short lifespan in our fridge.


Pictured above are

  • Mango Flan
  • Reese’s Flan
  • Matcha Flan

All three flavors plus delivery charge cost us P450.00. We finished the first lyanera of the mango flavored flan a few hours it was delivered to our home. The second and third ones lasted till the next day. We had guests that day so please don’t judge us.

The mango flavor was mixed with the rest of the flan and the touch of graham bits made it feel like it was a softer, creamier version of mango float. There was nothing not to love about the Reese’s flan because, well, it’s Reesse’s.

Lucci finished the Matcha-flavored one. I think most women really like this green tea thing.

Overall, what we loved most about these flans is that the flavors are not overpowering. It’s just right, not too sweet. Therefore, easy to finish.